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What Can You Do For the Dome?

The Retro DomeOne of the things we keep hearing from people regarding our eminent closure is "What can we do to help?" Well, the foremost thing we can think of is to continue coming to our shows. Moving costs money, and the more we have banked from our final months the easier it'll be for us.

We have our last stage shows going on this month with SANTASTIC! and THE MESHUGANUTCRACKER IN CONCERT. There will be COMEDYSPORTZ events on the 25th and 31st. Plus some great movies, including: BAD SANTA, NATIONAL LAMPOON'S CHRISTMAS VACATION, WHITE CHRISTMAS and the BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy.

We don't know what we're showing in January yet, but we're going to try to make it incredible. We're looking at what some of our best loved films have been in the past three-or-so years, plus we want to have a big send-off to finish our time here at this 43-year old dome!

Also, if you've ever wanted to have an event here this will literally be your last chance. Just pop over to our survey (http://theretrodome.com/index.php/theatre-rentals-main) and tell us what you want to do, and we'll work out the details with you and you can say you were one of the last people to have an event here!

As the end gets closer, we'll start asking for help removing everything from this location. We don't know where it's going yet, but we aim to leave nothing behind, except the building itself and lots of great memories!

December in the Dome!

Hello LJ, it's been a while since I've updated you on the goings on at the Retro Dome.
Let me start off by saying that we are still looking for a new home (dome not required). We have only two more months of operation here at the old Century 25 that has been our home for over three years. If you know of any potential venues that are currently vacant in the Silicon Valley, give us a holler.
ElfNow onto what's going on in December. First off, we have a lot of films of the Christmas variety over the next few weeks. This coming weekend (Nov 30 - Dec 2) we have Will Ferrel in Elf. The following Friday & Saturday (December 7 & 8) we'll be showing Bad Santa. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation will entertain us on Friday & Saturday, December 14th & 15th. Filling in on both Sunday the 9th & the 16th, we'll be having our Christmas Stop-Motion Animation Festival. The weekend before Christmas (December 21-23), we have a true classic: White Christmas. Then we round out our year in film with the Back to the Future Trilogy on the 28th through the 30th.

For you live theatre lovers out there, we have fifteen young professional performers singing and dancing their way through our holiday show Santastic! twice each Saturday leading up to Christmas. Not only is it a musical, but after each show we have activities for the kids (and the young at heart) and a photo op with Santa!

If December 25th is just another Tuesday for you, then maybe you'll be interested in the MeshugaNutcracker - In Concert on Saturday and Sunday the 15th & 16th. It's the story of Chanukah set to the score of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker Suite. It's lots of fun for Jew and Gentile alike, with latkes served in our Lava Lounge.
CSZOf course, on Tuesday the 25th something else will be served up in the Lava Lounge: A Chinese buffet to go along with the ComedySportz Christmas show! Then come back on Monday December 31st to count down to 2013 with the ComedySportz New Year's Eve show, with (non-alcoholic) bubbly and desert to toast the East Coast new year (which gives you plenty of time to make it to other New Year's Eve parties!)
So lots to do in our penultimate month. Stay tuned for our exciting final month's schedule - expected to be packed full of our best loved film events!

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud...

This week we put out the news that we've been dreading since we first moved in to the old dome at West Gate:

If you've been following the birth and life of The Retro Dome you know we opened September 4, 2009 with the knowledge that our time in the space might be temporary because the owners of the building planned to demolish the property at some point down the road. Now, just weeks into what would be our fourth year in business, we've learned our lease will not be renewed for the time has come to begin the renovations for the corner lot. Therefore, it is our sad duty to report that operations at the The Retro Dome will cease as of January 31, 2013. We appreciate the time that the building owners, Federal Realty, have given us at The Retro Dome site. They have always been clear with their plans and we wish them well in their future development.

We know you will have more questions about the future. We’ll do our best to address each inquiry individually and will certainly post frequently asked questions here on our website. Please contact us with ideas, questions and concerns, and, if you'd like to be contacted when it's time to start our move, please contactus@guggyent.com; we will certainly need many able-bodied volunteers to empty the dome of all our retro keepsakes and theatre equipment.

Although we would love to have had more time in this dome, that has become a home-away-from-home for our staff and so many devoted fans, we are humbled by the accomplishments we've made to date: numerous awards and accolades from the press and our fans, hundreds of events, tens of thousands of guests, and all in such a short period of time. We thank you for all of your support and thank you in advance for your patronage at our upcoming events, now and in our future home.


The Guggenheim Family and The Retro Dome Staff

But the news isn't all grim, as we've been searching for an alternative venue in the South Bay so that we may continue to deliver the great movie and live stage experiences that you've come to expect from us. We've got an eye on a couple of venues, but if you know of any theaters in the area that are not being used, let us know about them. There's a good chance we already know about them, but there may have been some we missed out there. Plus there may be some other places that would work as a theatre, but currently are not (like old supermarkets!)

But the big thing we need from our fans at this time is to continue to attend events at the Retro Dome. We really need to make our last few months here big. We'll have our weekly slate of films - including Sing, Quote, and even a Swear-Along - our original musical The Game Show Show, plus in December we have scheduled an all youth cast version of Santastic! and a one night only concert version of our Chanukah spectacular The MeshuggaNutcracker! We plan to continue our schedule to the very end of our time here - so keep an eye open for what great thing is coming next to the Retro Dome!

Talk, Talk, Talk...

The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. - Oscar Wilde.

Here at the Retro Dome we like being talked about. Whether it's here on LiveJournal, or FaceBook, Twitter, Google+, Yelp or any of the other social media sites. Even better is if you talk us up to your friends, family, and co-workers when you're face to face (or even on the telephone).

The point here is talk about us. Tell everyone what you like about us, and - in the interest of fairness - tell them (and more importantly us) what you don't like about us. Just talk about us. With all the mega-plexes and big-budget theatre companies out there, the smaller organizations - like us - need word of mouth to keep alive.

The Big Night Approaches...

The Game Show Show is returning this week, and all the last minute preparations are being made as I type. It's going to be a great show, and we've got four new actors who are getting their lines straight, a couple new songs for our four veteran cast members to learn and a new game within the show for the whole audience to take part in. There's the key, the audience participates in this production - so it's really nothing without you. If you are on our theatre e-mail list, you would have received mailer today that announced the extension of our 50% off offer through to this Friday at 5PM (if you click the link, you'll find the discount code.) This might help you to get you and your friends and family to come on down for this great musical! Speaking of discounts, we offer discounts for seniors, students, military, children and groups of ten or more. Click here for more information, email us for more information. 
Game Show Show
While the Game Show Show has been the big thing going on here, we still have a lot of other great things going on in the month of October. We have a spooktacular lineup of films starting on the 12th with Interview with the Vampire, a master class for the young stars on auditioning that neatly corresponds with auditions for our youth performed holiday show Santastic

So there's a lot of things to occupy your time here at the Retro Dome!

What's Happening at the Dome...

Well, this weekend we are pleased to present one of our favorite Sing-Along Experience: Hairspray. This is the film version of the Broadway musical of the John Waters film - and we have a lot of fun with it, with cast members leading the audience in their participation with the film. If you've never been to one of our Sing-Alongs (which begs the question: Where were you this summer?) then this is one not to miss!

We announced this past week that we'll be holding auditions for youth actors for our holiday show Santastic! So if you know any aspiring future star, send them over to our audition page. If your youth needs to brush up on their audition techniques, we'll also be hosting an audition master class the weekend before the auditions.
You'll Laugh Your Blank Off!
Of course the big news is that The Game Show Show is returning on October 5th, and if you're already on our e-mail list you will have received our recent mailer that includes a discount code. If you're not on our e-mail list, it's easy to join - just click this link. If you saw the show in it's workshop stage this past spring, then you know how catchy the tunes are and how funny the dialogue is, but we also took on board suggestions from our audience and made some tweaks - changed some songs, and made the game play more inclusive of the whole audience. We also have four new cast members, and we'll be profiling them in the coming weeks on our e-mail list - so more incentive to join the list.

So the schedule for the near future here at the Retro Dome is as follows:

I Didn't Mean to Ignore You...

It's been a busy few weeks since we last posted here. I'll spare you the Trailer Tubing for Moulin Rouge, Spaceballs and this week's feature Jaws. However, I would like to point out that we'll be showing the newly remastered Jaws that Universal just did as part of their 100th anniversary collection. Here's a featurette about the restoration:

One of the reasons for our silence heer has been that we are ramping up for the return of The Game Show Show. Some of you may be asking: "Wasn't it called Thanks for Playing... The Game Show Show?" Well, yes it was - and still is, to some degree - but we're making it easier to talk about. So you may hear it said either way, but it's still the same great musical comedy that we previewed this past spring. Though, that's a little misleading... There are some changes that have occurred to the show: New songs, more audience participation (as in the whole audience, not just select members) and half the cast has changed. I know some of you loved the cast we had before, but with taking the summer off some of the cast moved on to other things. But we're sure you'll come to love the new ensemble like we have since rehearsals started up again!

By the way, we have a promo for The Game Show Show now - have a look!:

So, just in case we can't make it back to post here soon, we'll let you know what we have for the rest of the month:
  • This weekend (Sept 14 & 15) Jaws. Come dressed in your San Jose Sharks Teal, and you'll get a Dome Dollar good towards snacks in the Lava Lounge. The Firday show will be for the film purists, but on Saturday we'll be encouraging the audience to quote along with the film!
  • Next weekend (Sept 21,22 & 23) will be the retrun of Hairspray the Sing Along Experience. This is the sort of thing we do very well at the Retro Dome (even if we do say so ourselves...) Come along any of the three days, and you can sing, dance, quote and interact with the movie of the hit Broadway musical version of classic John Waters film.
  • At the end of the month (Sept 28, 29 & 30) we are eagerly awaiting to see who shows up for The Big Lebowski. Quote-along with the Dude as he floats along his bizarre adventure on Friday and Saturday nights, with silence being golden on Sunday for the purists.

What is Your Quest...

To seek the Trailer Tubing grail!

And with all quests, we must have our starting point. That point is the trailer to our feature this week at the Retro Dome - the film that was the basis for the hit rip-off Broadway Musical Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

It is entirely reasonable to expect that YouTube would then put us on to some more Python clips. It is equally reasonable that we would choose one of them. This is a film that was used in the live concert that became Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl. It's... The Silly Olympics:

If I were a betting man - which I'm not much of one - I certainly wouldn't have put money down that YouTube would have suggested a segue from Monty Python to game shows. But they did, and so I followed. This is extremely fortuitous, as our own original live musical is based in the world of the television game show. That musical - which just happens to be called Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show - returns to the Retro Dome on October 5th, so this gives me an opportunity to mention it (which I just did). In writing the script for the musical, our team reviewed many game show moments - probably even these outrageous moments:

Now that we're going down the path of the game show, my quest has been set to find the ultimate in game show clips. So the tantalizing title of Classic Newlywed Game Blooper just begged the click:

But that did not satisfy my quest, but like all paths you eventually end up where you're going. Here, then, is the perfect end to our Trailer Tubing Adventure Quest for this week. The funniest blooper in game show history:

Don't forget to join us this weekend for the silliest of all the tales in the Arthurian legends: Monty Python and the Holy Grail. And, since we went there today, mark your calendars for the return of Thanks for Playing the Game Show Show on October 5th.

The Toast of All Paris...

This weekend, for three shows only, come and marvel at the greatest female impersonator in all of '30s Europe - Count Victor Grazinski.

See "her" wow the audiences in Paris, and steal the heart of a hardened Chicago "businessman".


You'll laugh, you'll cry (probably from too much laughing) but most of all you'll want to sing along with the "Le Jazz Hot" songs of Henry Mancini.

Come as you are, or who you want to be.

(Just like the winner of our greatest cross-dresser contest!)


Victor Victoria
Starring: Julie Andrews, James Garner & Robert Preston
Written & Directed by Blake Edwards


Trailer Tubing Victor Victoria...

This week we use the trailer for "Victor Victoria" as our jumping off point for the weekly Trailer Tubing adventure:

From there, we continue with the Julie Andrews theme and an interview with Barbara Walters:

Then we add a spoonful of sugar, or maybe a serving of Dick van Dyke, to go with Ms. Andrews and the tongue defying song Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious:

From Mary Poppins, to a more recent Disney feature - Lilo & Stictch and the song He Mele No Lilo:

Capping off this weeks Trailer Tubing adventure is a Disney film from last year - Tangled and the opening song When Will My Life Begin:



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